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Saudi Immigration experience

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Ok, so I got a new job in my field of expertise. Next thing I knew was I was already in Saudi. I arrived on 23rd of September. Before I left, I already did my research about this country and believe me, I was scared when I found out how strict this country is. Especially Riyadh the capital city. True enough, just as we arrive in King Fahd Airport, we notice that the airport security all of them are policemen. We lined up at the immigration section for our final security check before we get out of the port. The queue was not so long but it took us 3 hours for us to finally finish what we had to do there because it seems that the policemen who are working at the immigration does not mind at all how long the people are lining up on the queue. They took their time as if they were not working at all, they were just talking and laughing most of the time. It seems that they were enjoying all the angry eyes who are looking at them. It was already 2:30am when we finally got out of immigration. After we picked our bags, we went straight to the waiting area and we were looking for our driver who we expected would just bring a signage with the name of our company but there was none. Fortunately, we saw a counter near the waiting area that shows the name of our company so we approach the guy on the counter and told them that we were the new staffs. He then made a phone call and after a few minutes, our driver arrived. I can still remember the time I set my foot outside the airport. I was hesitant to make a deep breath thinking I would suffocate with the heat. Luckily, it was the end of their summer and weather is no longer that hot. We arrived at our Villa around 3am, they showed us our room at the ground floor and gave us the things we need in our new place. i then lay to get some rest, but I didn't really sleep that time, there were a lot of thing running in my mind that prevents me from sleeping.

When everybody woke up, we were introduced to some people in our flat. I was still very sleepy since I didn't have enough sleep. Good thing that we did not have to report to the office that day since it was "Saudi Day", so there were no work. I spent most of my time just browsing my phone opening my Facebook account and sending message back home telling them that I had just arrived and that I am good just to update them. The next day, was our 1st day to report in the office. I was told that we were just going to take our medical tests so I just wear something casual since there was no reason to suit up. Bad idea, the Indian guy from the HR department told us that we shouldn't be wearing those clothes if we come to the office otherwise, they'll send us out. Worse, those guys from Security department had to call us to their office for questioning and we had to explain to them, slowly (english) that we are the new guys.

We arrive back at the villa at around 9pm since the Medical tests took quite some time to finish. We had to go through two different clinics for different physical tests. I was exhausted on that day and jumped to bed early thinking tomorrow would be officially my 1st day in the office.

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